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25 April 2013

Monday, February 7, 2011

BONAFIDE meeting

saja nak letak gambar dulu , sebagai penyeri =,=

it was a good event , most of the guess are around 20-25 years old . but believe me , they are so confident & their appearance are not like ordinary people who in the same age like them . first time you see them , you will think that their age is around 30++ . how cool is that? their thinking is very matured , very looking forward .

you know what , they also give talk to this event . wow !! very motivated & impressive i tell you guys . it is not an easy work to persuade people in the age like that okey . you need a lot of communication skills  & the most important thing is your self-esteem level must be higher . along the event , i feel like i was in the different world , like i was in the elit world . 

it is an extremely powerful event i ever had =)

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