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Assalamualaikum semua kacak dan jelita !!
Mari bersama sihat bertenaga dengan SNE / BEAUTSKIN ESSENCE dan produk dari SNE yang lain. Sebarang pertanyaan dan tempahan boleh tanya, jangan malu-malu. Saya tidak makan orang, makan sedap-sedap saja maaa :)
25 April 2013

Sunday, January 30, 2011


why i chose monday instead of other days? you must be wondering right? =)

actually it is not something big , nor something that can be proud of . it just i will have a date with someone. wow , i don't know what kind of feelings i have now. since i'm broke up few days ago, it is like meaningless to me to have another date. not confident maybe. 

actually i am more to this kind of feeling

I have no intention to be n love again, it is too early though. i will be more selective after this. but, he insist me to  accept his love. yes, he trying quite hard to get me. but i can't lie to myself, i am not ready yet for this love. if he love me, he will understand & wait for how long it will takes to heal my "wound" . 

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