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Mari bersama sihat bertenaga dengan SNE / BEAUTSKIN ESSENCE dan produk dari SNE yang lain. Sebarang pertanyaan dan tempahan boleh tanya, jangan malu-malu. Saya tidak makan orang, makan sedap-sedap saja maaa :)
25 April 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

An appreciation


Allah SWT  is indeed are the Most Merciful towards all His servants. Syukran Ya Rabb. Please keep guiding me to be a better muslimah. Aaamiin.

My life sometimes not following what I've been planed, and it give me a little bit frustrated to myself. A lot of things come to me, an unexpected things which I took it as a big lessons in my whole life. I had asked to myself, why me? Why why why? Only Allah SWT knows. 

But, during the hard time that I'm going through, Allah SWT had give me the way. He gave me someone who is a kind insyaallah and willingly to help me who really in need. Really, the burden that I've been carry on, it's gone. It is true that Allah SWT will not give something (test) to His servants which they cannot carry on. 

That man, who the only one, willingly to help me. Really, we don't know each other at the 1st place, Allah had created the beautiful fate to us. InsyaAllah, we really hope to end our relationship to the next stage, a marriage. Thank you Allah!

Please,do pray for us :')

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