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Mari bersama sihat bertenaga dengan SNE / BEAUTSKIN ESSENCE dan produk dari SNE yang lain. Sebarang pertanyaan dan tempahan boleh tanya, jangan malu-malu. Saya tidak makan orang, makan sedap-sedap saja maaa :)
25 April 2013

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


special entry for him =)

i am so happy! finally i got what i want! thanks to him because he make it come true. hehe. i love you! yes i do love you so much! actually i am still don't believe it. i don't expect that he will bought it earlier. plus, the price for that thing are quite expensive too. oh i never imagined to have that kind of thing. really! it is too expensive for me, but i'm not sure for you guys. hehe.

nokia N96 original okey!

although this handphone is already released long time ago, but it is good enough for me. since my old handphone is sick, so i am really excited to use that thing! haha =D more important thing is, he bought two new nokia N96 which is also known as couple handphone. just imagine how much that he used to buy two handphones. i think around 1k++ . 


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