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Mari bersama sihat bertenaga dengan SNE / BEAUTSKIN ESSENCE dan produk dari SNE yang lain. Sebarang pertanyaan dan tempahan boleh tanya, jangan malu-malu. Saya tidak makan orang, makan sedap-sedap saja maaa :)
25 April 2013

Thursday, February 10, 2011

wake up girl

what can i say , i should be realistic in this challenging world ( haha ) . hey , it should be like dat rite ! be REALISTIC in all aspects , including LOVE , health , EDUCATION , social life and so on . but , for this entry , i want to highlight in LOVE aspect . oh idayu , why all your entries lately is all about love ?? haaaa =,=

i said : hey , dis is my blog , so it's up to me okey !! don't complain yaa =D

they say , love is blind . but i say NONSENCE !! hey , it's all a lie okey . maybe in the early of relationship , the flow is okey but when it goes to de  next process , trust me it will turn out bad . in de realistic view , we'll see dat it is not an easy things to find someone which is suits to ourself . if it is there , maybe the percentage is lower . so ypu must be soooo lucky if you are in dat percentage . 

so if you find someone who are interested to know you more , please think it twice or tripple . hehe . for a better decision actually . why don't we testing them , if they were really serious to proceed into a serious relationship , and you trust them , why not you go on . be careful ladies . same goes to me =,= 

love is like drugs , once u take it , hard 4 u to let it go
( my opinion , haha so weird okey =p )

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